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How do I use the massagers vibrator for...?

How do I use the massagers vibrator for

Massager vibrator is a sex toys which people use during the sexual activity to stimulate the sensitive area. Mostly massager vibrator is manufactured for relieving tensions and relaxing sore muscles, but it becomes more popular as a sex toys. Now a day, most of the people use the massager vibrator as a sex toys. People use the massager vibrator for both internal as well as external stimulation.

Men, women, gay or lesbian any one can utilize the massager vibrator. Some massager vibrator have only single vibration function whereas some massager vibrator have different types of vibration function and speed. People can select any combination of vibration function and speed during sexual activity. With the help of different types of vibration function people can enjoy their sexual activity with more pleasure feeling.

Massager vibrator are available in the market in different shape, size, color style and texture. Massaging vibrator are made with the high quality material, so it does not make any harm to the body. Massager vibrator are either battery operator or USB rechargeable. Now a day, it becomes very easy for people to purchase the massager vibrator. People can purchase the massager vibrator from shop or from online store. There are many e-commerce site which offer the varieties of massager vibrator. Magic wand vibrator is also very popular as massagers vibrator, and cognition as sex toys is higher than massage. It is also popular because it can be easily used for sex and masturbation and can stimulate in a wide aspect and many magic wand tool are there too .

For sex? For masturbation?

For sex? For masturbation

People can use the massager vibrator alone or with the partner. While doing the sexual act with the partner, people use the massager vibrator to get their partner excited. The people who cannot achieve the orgasm during sexual activity can use the massager vibrator. It help people to get orgasm during sexual activity.

Most of the people also use the massager vibrator during masturbation. Masturbation is the method in which people can stimulate their own genital area with their hand, finger or sex toys. While doing the masturbation, most of the people use the massager vibrator. People use the massager vibrator to satisfy their sexual need when they are alone at home. People also use the different types of personal lubricant during masturbation.

What kind of massagers vibrator is recommended?

For sex? For masturbation

In the market varieties of massager vibrator are available. People can use the different types of massager vibrator for different purpose. Some massager vibrator are used for internal stimulation, some massager vibrator are used for external stimulation whereas some are used for both internal as well as external stimulation. People can select any of the massager vibrator according to their need and choice.

Some of the massager vibrator have very powerful vibration function. So while using this type of massager vibrator it is important for people to cover their sensitive area with towel or cloth and then apply the vibrator over the sensitive part otherwise there is possibility that the sensitive part can get hurts.

Get correct usage

Get correct usage

While using the massager vibrator, it is important for people to use the massager vibrator in a correct manner. Before using the massager vibrator, people should clean the vibrator properly. To clean the vibrator people use water, toy cleaner or antiseptic soap.

After cleaning the vibrator, people can apply lots of personal lubricant. People can apply the personal lubricant on the surface of the massager vibrator and also near the genital area. Personal lubricant helps to reduce the friction. If people are using the silicone made massager vibrator then in this case they should avoid using the silicone based lubricant because silicone based lubricant damage the surface of silicone material. If people want then they can also use condom with the massager vibrator.

Now, first activate the power and apply it to the most sensitive area. People can also insert it into the vagina or anal. During sexual activity, people can easily change the vibration function and speed just by pressing the button. People should always start the vibration function with slow speed and then gradually increase the speed. It provides more pleasure feeling during sexual activity. After completing the sexual act, clean the massager vibrator properly and store it for further use.